チケット料金 Ticket Price

  • Each day ticket
    [DOOR]: 7000yen [ADV]: 6500yen
  • 2days ticket
    [DOOR]:13000yen [ADV]:12000yen

チケットについて About The Ticket

About at the door ticket

you can buy the ticket at the door both days on 29th and 30th.
we suggest you come to early time becouse door ticket has limit.
we will close the ticket at the door when it's sold out.

About at the advance ticket

you can buy the advance ticket at the store as LAWSON has Loppi or internet.
issue notes and payment at LAWSON in Japan.
please comfirm how to buy it as follows.

購入方法 About The Buy

Buy at the store...

you can buy at the member's bar "sleeping beauty".
please tell a receptionist.

Buy at LAWSON...

you have to put in the number as L code : 75708 to the machine called Loppi, then follow the order and pay the money at the cashier.

Buy on the internet...

open the website LAWtike.com(http://l-tike.com/)then put the number as L code "75708" on"keyword surch" up left side on the website.

チケットについて About The Ticket

Attention about ticket.

  • you can't pay back, re-issue or exchange in anyreasons.
  • you should check the date of your ticket, cos it's through the 2days.
  • you can chose buy the 2days ticket if you want.
  • it'will be finish to sell when it's sold out.

we suggest buy the ticket early time in each way.

Attention about admission

  • anyone under the age of 20 will be refused entry.
  • No Re-entry - No photography - No food / drink from outside allowed.
  • Additional 1 drink fee required.

お問合せ reference

About LAWSON ticket

LAWSON ticket reference
[ tell ] 0570-000-777
[ open-close ] 10:00~20:00

About event or ticket reference

Event plan and manage LINEAL
[ tell ] 03-3780-2995
[ open-close ] 

ワークショップ お問合せ WORK SHOP CONTACT

一 鬼のこ

For bookings / Enquires please contact Hajime Kinoko directly
by email:kinoko@shibari.jp