小妻容子緊縛絵画展&作品販売 Ozuma Yoko Kinbaku drawings and art work gallery & sales


Place:3F (Kusa no ma)

Since the Golden age of the SM magazines(1970 to 1980s), starting with Fuzoku-kitan, Erotica, Suspense Magazine, and others, Ozuma Yoko is a visionary artist famous for his torture imagery. To this date he continues to work for the covers and picture stories of many SM magazines. His devoted original of torture paitings is now over few hundred. Enjoy the delicate beauty, powerful depiction of rope marks and the artist's passion of Kinbaku tattoos.

杉浦則夫緊縛写真展 Sugiura Norio Kinbaku Photo Gallery

杉浦則夫 緊縛写真

Place:1F~3F Stairs

Japanese bondage photographer representing the very essence of Kinbaku in the Showa Era, Sugiura Norio's work has been publishe throughout the years in various bondage remained greatly in the background, his contribution to the proliferation of the wider SM scene has earned him the rightful title of true master of his art.